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"Join the movement of Bellessere's itinerant events and explore new horizons of food innovation and sports excellence!"

Bellessere story

   Bellessere is a format of itinerant events, bornin 2003 and this year, after the long and painful season of Covid, celebrates 20 years.
Born on the initiative of the economic journalist Massimo Lucidi, who wanted to wear faces television broadcasters of food, primarily doctors and the champions of sport in the territories, to talk of nutritional well-being and good practices sports, as is done in television lounges.

    Bellessere soon becomes a meeting full of content in the name of discussion on topics of food innovation, of practice sports, the promotion of minor sports.

    Today Bellessere moves along those lines human and scientific relations started, but yes relaunches with the arrival of many new young people professionals who passionately claim a sustainable lifestyle that cares of the person.

Massimo Prof. Lucidi

Professor Luca Piretta

Riccardo Giordanobuono

Our vision

   It’s time for Personal Trainers who need to feed not only a healthy and positive aspect, their own and that of the client, but must embody a spirit full of energy and continuity but also of sobriety and truth far beyond the image.

   Science evolves continuously and the disciplines that once
they seemed distinct today they are continuously contaminated: nutrition, supplementation, sporting practice for psycho-physical and social well-being. Because the result of the collective Bellessere achieved produces a lowering of the cost of healthcare services, the use of medicines and a general improvement in the quality of life.


Become a cultural operation

We aim to promote a lifestyle that makes quality and elegance an outpost against the social vulgarities as well as the frenetic pace of our modern times


Showcase for local business

Promoting the values of goodness, beauty, and justice as their entrepreneurial creed. We believe in the power of sustainability, and it is now imperative to train and empower a new generation of entrepreneurs who understand its significance and integrate it into their business practices.


Participating in a training cours

Our vision is to offer a specialized training course designed to enhance the monetization skills of fitness professionals, including personal trainers, physiotherapists, gym instructors, and more.