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 Bellessere is a format of itinerant events, bornin 2003 and this year, after the long and painful season of Covid, celebrates 20 years.

Born on the initiative of the economic journalist Massimo Lucidi, who wanted to wear faces television broadcasters of food, primarily doctors and the champions of sport in the territories, to talk of nutritional well-being and good practices sports, as is done in television lounges.

Bellessere soon becomes a meeting full of content in the name of discussion on topics of food innovation, of practice sports, the promotion of minor sports.

   It’s time for Personal Trainers who need to feed not only a healthy and positive aspect, their own and that of the client, but must embody a spirit full of energy and continuity but also of sobriety and truth far beyond the image.

Bellessere Team

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Our Partners

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond borders as we proudly partner with many healthy lifestyle enthusiasts around the world.

Francesco Zen

United Kingdom

Francesco is a master trainer with 14 years experience and director of Zlife London in London - a company that deals with education and guided experiences in the world of wellness and fitness. Founder of ZTraining method - programming method structured on the efficiency and optimization of the human being.

Cristiano Giovinazzo


Cristiano Giovinazzo is a coach and professional athlete with 140 successful competitions under his belt. Founder of iForm40. iForm40 is an innovative online coaching method specifically designed for men aged 35/60 who wish to improve their physical condition, gain more energy and achieve optimal performance in life and work. Founder of ZTraining method - programming method structured on the efficiency and optimization of the human being.

Ksenia Sarina


Miss Earth Crimea 2018, Ksenia Sarina is a super model Sarina (2023), she is also, Top Model Russia (the best Fashion Model of Russia 2018) - The Best Face of the fashion model of Russia 2019, Miss Earth Ambassador 2018 Miss Earth Crimea 2018 and Miss Word Tourism Queen International Russia.

Alex Andron


Alex is a 21-year-old fitness enthusiast with with 5 years of personal workout experience, it brings him great joy to assist and motivate people on their fitness journey. Also, Alex is the CEO of WeBooster - Web Design & Digital Marketing company, helping companies to build the online image