Turismo enogastronomico e Bellessere experience

âCommunicating Beauty in Sicily, more precisely at Travelexpo . Tourism is a wide-ranging industry, which includes the hotel industry, the transportation industry, and a number of additional industries or sectors It requires different skills and professionalism especially in a framework of international competition that is becoming more and more dense and articulated. These Sicilian companies are called upon to overcome incredible challenges. They have overcome many of these challenges, alluding to the pandemic, to the lack of important international markets such as the Russian one.


In a changing world, the first subject of communication is the territory . A change that also becomes the beneficiary of this communication action. The commitment then of the E-Novation Foundation , headed by Professor Massimo Lucidi, is precisely to lend a hand to the participation of the construction of thought. But above all it deals with the management, help and concrete support of these start-ups, of these companies in the area, and with the need to know international markets. In a nutshell, it teaches you to have a reputation. The foundation precisely wants to lend a hand to these realities in overcoming these important challenges, which are the challenges of our time. The construction of value through reputation and the construction of commercial content.

At Travelexpo , during the seminar entitled ” Telling Beauty: Food and Wine Tourism and Bellessere Experiences ” we talked about the Bellessere Project of the E-Novation Foundation.

Telling about beauty: what is Bellessere?

Bellessere was founded in 2003 to “Educate about nutrition, educate about sport, a lesson in style” from the intuition of the journalist Lucidi with his friend, professor and television nutritionist Luca Piretta . Soon after a series of editions that took people around the whole country, from Trentino to Sicily, passing through universities and squares, hotels and institutional headquarters with an always original connotation between the television lounge, the academic debate, the meeting of territorial promotion in 2023 creates a generational transition, with me, Riccardo Giordano Buono , marketing manager of the project, opening up to new experiences, including digital ones, but above all looking at the business world by recalling the values ​​of sportof fair competition.

The project’s mission is to promote a quality lifestyle, based on proper nutrition , sport as an integral part of one’s days, and self-knowledge. It has two main objectives:

  1. to become a cultural operation , therefore, aimed at promoting a modus vivendi that makes quality and elegance an outpost against social vulgarity but also the frenetic rhythms of our modern times;
  2. offer a showcase to local corporate excellence, which makes the beautiful, the good and the right their own entrepreneurial “creed”. It is the much inflated sustainability ! It is therefore time to train and train #gentlementbusiness

Thanks to Sabrina Gianforte , from the Italian Academy of Gastronomy and Gastrosophy and entrepreneur, for inviting us as speakers. I also thank Toti Piscopo , founder of the event and CEO of Logos srl , for having combined the 25th edition of Travelexpo with various themes such as beauty, sport , nutrition, travel and tourism.

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